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4 Items to Consider When Replacing Your Doors

Door replacement may seem simpler than other home improvement projects, but it nevertheless requires a lot of consideration. Poor planning can make it more stressful than it should be.

4 Items to Consider When Replacing Your Doors

To avoid major headaches when replacing your entry and patio doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Des Moines recommends considering these important matters:

1. Weather

Choose a product designed to withstand the effects of your local climate. All glazed doors capture wonderful panoramas, but they interact with the elements differently.

According to ENERGY STAR®, the anatomy of a good glazed door includes multiple glazing, an improved core material and advanced weatherstripping. Lacking at least one of these features can effectively compromise door weather resistance and energy efficiency.

Also, think about the weather when scheduling installation. The replacement of exterior doors becomes trickier when it rains. It’s still doable with inclement weather, but you should time the installation when the sky is expected to be clear to minimize hazards and maximize worker efficiency.

2. Budget

Imprudence can easily inflate your expenses. It’s never enough to determine your price range alone; you should also think about cost drivers to avoid spending more than you intended. Eliminating allowances in the bid and preparing for contingencies are sound budget practices.

3. Building Code

Installing new French doors can have structural implications for your home. Without designing them with the latest building regulations in mind, the authorities might penalize you upon discovery. Iowa has licensing requirements in place for door professionals to weed out unqualified contractors. Entrust your project only to a licensed company to bring your home to code and protect yourself from scams.

4. Contractor Insurance

Nothing speaks of accountability louder than insurance. Choosing an insured contractor shields you from liability in case of property damage or worker injury. On the other hand, you might be left liable in the event of an accident when your contractor is uninsured. Ask for and verify proof of insurance to vet your prospective door company properly.

Renewal by Andersen of Des Moines holds advanced credentials to guarantee flawless exterior door replacement. Call us at (515) 274-9700 today to schedule your FREE, in-home consultation in Des Moines to learn more about us and our services.


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