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Can Wind Cause Poor Window Performance & Seal Failure?

Your home is constantly exposed to harsh outdoor elements and extreme temperature changes. Foggy windows and exterior doors can indicate broken seals. Seal failure can result in inefficient window performance. 

Find out if strong winds can contribute to poor window performance and seal failure. 

What Causes Seal Failure?

Gas fills conduct heat less efficiently than outdoor air, which helps reduce heating and cooling demands. They also prevent window fogging and frosting. 

Throughout the day, your windows face temperature changes. During the day, they will increase in temperature, making the gas inside expand. At night, as the temperature goes lower, the trapped gas contracts. This cycle is referred to as solar or thermal pumping. 

Over time, the stress from thermal pumping can cause deterioration of the seals in your windows or patio doors. Cracks or fractures can form, leading to seal failure and fogging between the glass panes. 

What Can Cause This Problem?

Natural elements and weather extremes will eventually cause window seals to fail. Wind damage can contribute to seal failure in severely damaged or old windows. Debris from strong winds can result in significant property damage. In situations like this, make sure to check if the debris damaged the window seals. During a rainstorm, moisture can get trapped in between panes if the seals are already damaged. 

Moreover, wind damage alone can’t cause poor window performance or seal failure. However, it can worsen any existing damage to your windows. 

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December 2014

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