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Do Your Windows Match Your Home’s Architectural Style?

One of the biggest factors homeowners must always consider when shopping around for replacement windows is their home’s architectural style. In some cases, this is fairly obvious. For example, traditional white double-hung windows with classical beveled trims would clash with the clean minimalist style of an ultra-modern house.

Do Your Windows Match Your Home’s Architectural Style?

You can simplify this decision by familiarizing yourself with the window types that are the “default” choices for certain home styles, and our professionals at Renewal by Andersen of Des Moines can help you in this matter. However, keep in mind that these aren’t hard and fast rules that must be followed to a T. Rather, think of them as guidelines to give you a place to start your search.

Coastal Style

The term coastal is more indicative of this style’s history than its location. The coastal design is meant to provide your home with incredible views of the outdoors as early proponents of this style typically placed them in areas overlooking the ocean. That said, many coastal homes prefer the expansive views of picture windows, perhaps combined with an operable casement sash in its lower part.

Tudor Homes

The Tudor home rose in popularity as a remnant of early medieval architecture between the late 15th century to the first quarter of the 17th century. During these times, casement windows were the main choice for many homes, and the style prevailed until today. Modern designs customize the traditional casement frames and sashes, giving them a more unique character than their predecessors.

Modern Contemporary Design

Seamless designs are given the spotlight in modern contemporary homes. This style prefers clean and cohesive siding on the walls and a trend of “wraparound” windows that make it appear as if there’s no such thing as frames. The number one go-to option for this type of residence is the sliding windows as their sleek design and space-saving operation tick off quite a few boxes in the list of modern design sensibilities.

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"Jack and I would like to thank you for the fabulous job that was done when our windows were installed. Thank you, Robert for suggesting the awning window in the kitchen. I absolutely love it. The crew of Eli, Colton, Nate and Ben were friendly, efficient, courteous and very knowledgeable. They do a fantastic job for the company. They made no mess and everything was cleaned up and left in the same condition as when they arrived. We are completely satisfied with the product and the installation. Renewal by Andersen is definitely worth the expense."

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June 2014

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