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Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Windows

As an experienced window replacement contractor, we understand how challenging it is to find a bathroom window where you can get natural light, added ventilation and privacy. Yet, with proper planning and design, you can achieve all those things. 

Here are tips to help you choose the best windows for your bathroom. The More, the Better

Installing bigger windows is the easiest way to add light to your space. You have to want more windows to make your bathroom even brighter. However, this comes with a cost, which is your privacy. All About Transparency 

Almost all replacement windows are transparent, and you don’t want that in your bathroom. You have a lot of glass options to suit your bathroom’s design. Consider frosted, stained, seed or textured glass where people can’t see what’s behind the surface. You can also install a privacy film on the window to make it more opaque.  The Right Window Style

Keep both aesthetic and function in mind when choosing a window for your bathroom. This room can get humid, making it necessary to have at least one operable window. Adding a casement, sliding or double-hung window can keep the bathroom ventilated and remove excess moisture. Too much moisture can cause mold growth, rot and unpleasant odor. Proper Placement

Get creative at where you place your windows. Have them installed higher on the wall for more privacy. Window shape will also affect how much light they can let inside. A narrow window placed higher will illuminate your bathroom as much as a tall window installed lower down. Another great option is a skylight as it will let in lots of light while keeping your space private. 

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"We had most of our windows replaced and one door. I am so happy with not only the look of the windows and door, but also with the warmth and lack of air coming in. Craig McCormick and Levi did a great job. They were friendly, respectful and professional."

Janice B. - Altoona, IA
December 2013

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