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Key Considerations for Choosing School and Office Windows

Schools and offices are relatively private buildings and have different requirements compared to homes or other types of commercial properties. Renewal by Andersen® of Des Moines discusses key considerations when choosing replacement windows for schools and offices.

Building Code

Schools and offices are typically multi-story structures, so they need windows that are durable and won’t easily open when leaned on, and made with hardware that can withstand frequent use. Most safety parameters are dictated by local and international building codes, and should be satisfied when the building was built. Windows at or near the front entry should allow line of sight from within so building security can observe visitors. The new windows should also comply with egress requirements as stated in section R310 of the international building code.

Natural Light

Natural lighting provides many benefits, making it perhaps the most important consideration for school and office replacement windows. It reduces dependence on electrical lighting, which, in a large facility, can add up to significant energy savings. It also helps indoor spaces aesthetically by making the interior spaces look warm and pleasant. At the other extreme, windowless rooms look cold and clinical.

There are also several studies that point to the health benefits of rooms that use natural light. It helps regulate the occupants’ circadian rhythms (“body clocks”) and promotes healthy amounts of sleep. It also improves alertness and helps reduce fatigue, both of which can help improve long-term productivity.


Indoor spaces are found to be twice as polluted as outdoor spaces because of indoor air pollutants. Such pollutants come from unexpected sources, such as paint and plastics. Since these areas also have high foot traffic, germs, bacteria and other kinds of microbes can be tracked inside. Ample ventilation is needed to flush out indoor air pollutants, which is why every classroom or office should have at least one operable window. Allowing air circulation for at least 15 minutes a day can help flush out these pollutants and improve indoor air quality.

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"We had two triple large sliders replaced in our home the second week of December. Ben, Nate and Eli did a great job! Quick, Professional and the doors look great! Much warmer in the rooms with the new Andersen Renewal doors! Will use them again if need windows in the future!"

Donna T. - West Des Moines, IA
December 2013

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