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Mosquito Activity: When They’re Most Active and The Causes

Mosquitoes are bothersome pests so it’s best to restrict them from entering your home as much as possible. You can keep your windows and doors shut. However, there are times when mosquitoes are more active than usual.

Mosquito-Activity-When-Theyre-Most-Active-and-The-Causes-768x576Renewal by Andersen® of Des Moines discusses when mosquitoes are most active and their causes in this article.


While it isn’t always the case, you may observe higher mosquito activity near large bodies of water.

Wind Conditions

Wind conditions play a factor in mosquito activity; during days with strong winds, their activity is considerably lessened due to the fact that they aren’t strong flyers. Days with mild or no wind, on the other hand, can observe increased activity of mosquitoes since they’re free to fly all they want. Low wind conditions may lead them to fly into your home so try to reinforce your current windows to prevent them from doing so. In the event your current window is failing, get replacement windows installed as soon as possible.


As stated earlier, mosquitoes are drawn to large bodies of water. When there is a lot of rain, bodies of water will be full, greatly favoring mosquito development. Drain any containers or gutters with water buildup immediately to prevent them from reproducing in those places.

Reasons for Heightened Activity

There are three possible reasons why mosquitoes swarm. One of these reasons is reproduction. Mosquito reproduction only occurs when both male and female are airborne since the sound and wing beat frequencies attract them to each other. The second reason would be feeding; after transitioning from their pupal stages, mosquitoes begin to fly in search of food to energize them. Female mosquitoes, in particular, require blood to fertilize their eggs and may even feed in huge swarms.

The final possible reason for increased mosquito activity is that they’re in search of suitable egg-laying sites. Warm, humid and windless conditions favor the pregnant female’s search of places to lay eggs. They may lay eggs in your home so it’s vital that you clean out any moisture-laden places every now and then.

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