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Advantages of Fibrex

The window manufacturing industry was once dominated by companies that produced wood-framed windows. Everything changed with the introduction of vinyl, a material that would not rot, warp or crack, and didn’t require the high maintenance demanded by wood. Now there is a newer, more advanced frame material that’s better than both wood and vinyl – and exclusive to Renewal by Andersen®.

The Fibrex Difference

When Andersen Corporation debuted Fibrex in 1991, it was the most groundbreaking frame material to hit the window market in years. Fibrex is a composite produced by combining wood fiber with premium thermoplastic polymer, resulting in a compound that is stronger than wood and more efficient than vinyl. Harsh weather conditions will not cause Fibrex to warp, chip or rot, and it is not affected by termites. Its exceptional strength allows a frame to be manufactured with narrower lines and more glass area, so you can enjoy Des Moines windows with more viewing area and better natural lighting.

Another of the exciting features of Fibrex is that it can mimic the look and texture of other materials, most commonly wood. This is the perfect solution for homeowners who want the classic look of a wood-framed window without the maintenance hassles and poor efficiency of wood. Fibrex comes in more than 30 beautiful colors, including dark colors not available in vinyl. The interior of a Renewal by Andersen window can also be ordered in a variety of real wood species.

Sustainable from Start to Finish

From start to finish, Fibrex is a more sustainable material than traditional building materials. The Renewal by Andersen production process recycles excess material into the next production cycle, so very little waste is generated. And because durable Fibrex lasts longer than wood, aluminum or vinyl, homeowners do not need to replace their windows as frequently.


"Our thanks to Dave Steffes, Amanda, Robert, and Chris in the office as well as Nate, Phil, and Colton, our window installers. Everyone treated us kindly and handled our installation with professionalism and dedication. We are so greatly pleased with our windows and entry door – everything looks AMAZING!"

Kurt and Gloria H. - Des Moines, IA
August 2014

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