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SmartSun Glass

In 2008, Renewal by Andersen® introduced an exciting new development in glass technology. High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass is now the most efficient glass option available for Renewal by Andersen windows. It builds on the best features of dual-pane glass to even more effectively reduce home heating and cooling bills while still standing the test of time.

SmartSun: More than Just Glass

With increased concern for the environment and the rising cost of fuel, making homes more energy-efficient has become a prime consideration for both building material manufacturers and homeowners. SmartSun reflects Renewal by Andersen’s ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and environmental protection. Innovative SmartSun glass gives you the ability to save on utility costs because it blocks the sun’s heat while still allowing natural daylight to pass. Consider these benefits.

– When compared to ordinary dual-pane glass, SmartSun glass is up to 45% more efficient in winter and 70% more efficient in summer. Depending on your location, this can result in energy savings of up to 25% over time.

– SmartSun glass stops 95% of all UV rays, the light spectrum which causes damage to furniture and fades carpet, draperies, wall coverings and artwork.

– An innovative coating stops water spots and makes cleaning less troublesome.

– SmartSun glass significantly reduces noise pollution entering your home.

Replacement Window Contractor

Your RbA replacement windows with Low-E4 SmartSun glass will more than pay for themselves with long-term energy savings. You can also rest easier knowing you have done your part to reduce your family’s carbon footprint and contribute to a better environment.

Ongoing Dedication to Energy Efficiency

All Renewal by Andersen windows are at least 14% more energy-efficient than the minimum ENERGY STAR® requirements for all regions in the United States. Numerous agencies and organizations have recognized Renewal by Andersen for its environmentally sound and energy-conscious manufacturing standards. We are the only replacement window company to have earned the SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certification, based on the most stringent indoor air emission standard in the country. Renewal by Andersen is also the only replacement window company to earn Green Seal certification, the symbol for proven-green products and services.


"Craig and Levi installed new windows in our home last week. They did a beautiful job both with the installation and the cleaning up afterward. We are SO pleased! Thanks very much!"

Mary N. - Ames, IA
May 2014

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