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What Sets a Great Window Apart From Ordinary Ones?

Nowadays, homeowners are more particular with the windows they purchase. But with several manufacturers boasting of various features and technologies, it’s easy to forget about the essential ones that make a window worth your money.

Renewal by Andersen® of Des Moines, a reputable company specializing in windows and patio doors, discusses the qualities that separate a great window from an ordinary one.Innovation and Technology

Today’s homeowners want their windows to be more than just a beautiful addition to their homes. For instance, energy efficiency has become an important consideration. Homeowners want their windows to perform well in varying weather conditions and to be resistant to impact, moisture and other elements. That’s why the best windows are those that are made with energy-efficient glass and innovative mechanisms.Well-Integrated System

It’s already a given that your window should be made with high-quality materials. However, this would be pointless if the various components of your window don’t work seamlessly together. When all the parts of your casement windows or French doors are engineered to function as one, you can rest assured that they will perform well and effectively resist leaks and drafts.Exceptional Customer Service

This isn’t necessarily a part of an actual window, but the process of purchasing and installing windows can be stressful and confusing. That’s why Renewal by Andersen of Des Moines always ensures a positive experience for our clients.

With Renewal by Andersen’s Signature Service, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Superior performance and energy efficiency – Our windows are Energy Star®-certified and made with Fibrex® composite material, which lasts longer than vinyl.
  • Professional installation – Our installers are trained, skilled and experienced.
  • Hassle-free process – We can take care of all aspects of your window replacement or installation project.
  • Long-term value – With our top-notch products and services, you can get a worthwhile investment for your home.
  • Unrivaled beauty – Our windows come in a variety of styles, colors and grilles.

Renewal by Andersen of Des Moines provides and installs a range of windows and exterior doors. Call us at (515) 209-3000, or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Des Moines, IA, and the surrounding areas.


"On 1/30/2014, Ben, Eli, and Nate put in our new Renewal by Andersen of Des Moines picture window in our living room. We love it! It has made an amazing difference in sound, warmth, and BEAUTY! A lot more light too. They were so efficient and neat. Thanks guys! We couldn’t be any more pleased! Mark from Zepher Aluminum recommended your company when he was working on a project where I work."

Julie J. - Menlo, IA
February 2014

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