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Window Technologies That Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient replacement windows may look the same as their traditional counterparts, but take a closer look, and you’ll see technologies that ultimately contribute to energy savings. Renewal by Andersen® of Des Moines shares an overview of these energy-saving technologies below.

Window Technologies That Improve Energy Efficiency

Double-Pane Glass

Glass is a naturally conductive material, an undesirable trait considering that all parts of your home’s exterior should be insulated. Traditional single-pane windows allow heat to pass through it, resulting in heat gain during the summer season and heat loss during winter. The heating and cooling systems then increase output to compensate, resulting in increased energy consumption.

Double-pane glass solves the conduction problem by eliminating contact between interior and exterior surfaces. Combined with insulated spacers and frame material, it allows minimal heat to pass through, resulting in stable indoor temperatures, which, in turn, results in energy savings. Renewal by Andersen offers double-pane, High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass as a standard feature of our replacement windows.

Insulating Gas Fills

The space between glass panes can be further enhanced with an insulating gas fill. An inert gas like argon slows down heat conduction, and when used as a gas fill, it dramatically enhances window insulation. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows can be optionally filled with a custom argon gas blend.

Insulated Material

For years, window manufacturers have offered replacement windows with insulated cores. These cores are then clad with the outer roofing material, which is either made of wood or vinyl. While insulated cores provide acceptable insulation capabilities, it adds weight to the sashes and frame.

This is why we use our exclusive Fibrex® material for building our replacement window frames. Made from wood fibers and polymer, Fibrex combines the durability of wood with the low-maintenance properties of vinyl. Its inherent insulation eliminates the need for insulated cores. This lets us build light yet durable frames without sacrificing energy efficiency.

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